DT 10
Bottom Fitting
DT 20
Top Fitting
  • Accessories: Floor Spring Spindles GERMAN (DT) (by default) or ITALIAN (MT) on Order
  • Optional Accessories: D9124 SUS Top Pivot in PSS finish
DT 30
Overpanel Fitting
  DT 40
Corner Transom Fitting
  • Accessories: Side Hinge/Plate, Screws & Wall Plugs
  • Two options in pivot distance from the side panel for frame can be either 55 or 65 mm
  • For overpanel and sidepanel
DT 40/K
Corner Transom Strike Box
  DT 41
Corner Transom Fitting with Fin
  • Suitable for DT 50S & 50S Locks
  • For overpanel and sidepanel with fin fitting inside
  • Right fin (DT 41R) or Left fin (DT 41L)
  • Also avaible DT 41/K Corner Transom Strike Box with Fin, Left DT 41L/K & Right DT 41R/IK