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Aluminium Composite Panels

Origin and Functions
Aluminium Composite Panels are a stable and flexible material for wall cladding, combining the beneficial properties of aluminium and plastic to provide an economical and yet elegant alternative for modern architecture. Versatile and light in weight, as well as weather and temperature resistant, aluminium composite panels are easy to install. These benefits have led to its wide application in construction.

Being light in weight, thus reducing load on the building, means a low cost for supporting structures and fixing accessories. The added advantage of this feature is that it makes construction and installation easier and more convenient, thus directly speeding up the construction process.
By using colour coating of the highest quality, aluminium composite panels can save costs on long-term repair and maintenance.

Aluminium composite panels can be easily cut, folded and shaped on site using conventional tools and machines. Apart from being adaptable, this leads to ease in installation.

Our PVDF coating is UV protective, resistant against high temperature, weather, corrosion and abrasion.

AL-PE composite panels are elegantly suited to modern architecture. Apart from the readily available colours we provide, we can also produce panels to our client's request.

 Thickness  mm  4  Aluminum thickness 0.5mm 
 Specific gravity   --  1.37  Aluminum thickness 0.5mm 
 Weight   kg/m  5.49  
 Thermal conductivity   kcal/whrc   102  
 Coefficient of thermal
 10°/C  24~28  ASTM D696 Coefficient of
 linear expansion at 20°~60° 
 Peel strength  N/M  7.27×103   ASTM D903-93
 Shear stress  Mpa  6.35  ASTM D1002-94
 Bearing stress  Mpa  >8.87  ASTM C297-94
 Deformation Temp  C  >180  ASTM D648-95
 Horizontal shear strength  Mpa  40.7  ASTM D638-96
 Horizontal elongation  %  7.2  ASTM D790M-93
 Horizontal flexure strength  Gpa  >10.0  ASTM D790M-93
 Horizontal flexure stress  Mpa  129  ASTM D790M-93
 Coefficient of horizontal
  thermal expansion
 mm/mm/°C   2.87×105   ASTM D696-91
 Longitudinal shear stress  Mpa  40.4  ASTM D638-96
 Longitudinal elongation  %  12  ASTM D638-96
 Longitudinal flexure strength  Gpa  >10.0  ASTM D790M-93
 Longitudinal flexure stress  Mpa  117  ASTM D790M-93
 Coefficient of longitudina
  thermal expansion
 mm/mm/°C  3.04×105   ASTM D696-91
 Wind load deformation      
 +Ve pressure for
  deformation test
 Kpa  0.4   GB7106-86 
 -Ve pressure for
  deformation test
 Kpa  0   GB7106-86 
 +Ve pressure for safety test  Kpa  5.0   GB7106-86 
 -Ve pressure for safety test   Kpa   -5.0   GB7106-86 

Allowable Deviation Standard Dimension
 Standard Requirement 
 Test Result 
 Single Item Classification 
 Length (mm)  First grade ±0.3  0 -1.9  First grade
 Width (mm)  First grade ±2  0 -0.8  First grade
 Thickness  First grade ±0.2  +0.14 0   First grade
 Diagonal deviation   First grade =5  <3  First grade 
 Straight edge  Not more than
 1mm per 100mm 
 0.3  Pass

Surface Coating Properties
 Standard Requirement 
 Test Result 
 Single Item Classification 
 Pencil hardness  =HB  3H  Pass
 Gloss deviation  <80  2  Pass
 Close adhesion   ---  0  Pass
 Impact resistance  50g, cm
 50g, cm  Pass
 Acidic resistance  No change  No change  Pass
 Solvent resistance  No change  No change  Pass
 Chemical stability  No change  No change  Pass

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