A.S.S. Profil Lastik


Injection Corner Parts

These products which are generally used in aluminium front systems, are produced by injection method by EPDM material. Regarding the aluminium system of such parts, the fact that they are used on corners has a considerable contribution to the isolation To be used for the same purpose, the end parts of these gaskets can be put together by injection welding method so as to make a corner.

Component Products
Into the cross-section of such gaskets, a cord is located in axis direction so that the axis-like extension of the gasket is avoided. It is advised to use this kind of gasket in order to avoid unwanted extensions during the assembly.

Coloured Products
These products which are produced by EPDM and T.P.E. material can be made in any colour desired. The products that are produced by T.P.E. material are suitable for assembly by welding together with the PVC profiles.

The control of the cross-section measurements of our products are made by projection machines. Generally for the controls, the tolerance norm DIN 7715 is decisive.

Mould productions are being done in ASS constitution. For this reason, the most improved models of the machines of this sector are being used. The designs aiming isolation for the door and window systems can also be done by A.S.S. technical team, for customers.

The stain-leaving tests of the gasket on the profile surface are done according to the RAL norms.

Before production, during production and after production, the controls according to the RALGZ-716 Norm, are made by using the most improved devices. For this purpose, our laboratory is modernized by using high-technology and our experts; experienced in their own branch give service to customers.


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