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DL 50S
Center Lock
DT 50S
Corner Lock
  • DL 50S locks are suitable for DT40/K & DT41/K
  • For right or left side door, lock mechanism part can be reversed easily
  • DT 50S Locks can be used as bottom door locks with D9139 Floor Socket
  • DT 50S locks are suitable for DT40/K & DT41/K
DL 34S
Patch Locking
  DL 52S
Turn Knob Lock
  • DL 34S Locks can be used with D913N Floor Socket as bottom door locks
  • Key less locking mechanism
  • Suitable for DL 52/K
DL 33S
Turn Knob Lock
  DT 60
Corner Transom Connector
  • Suitable for Suitable for 12 mm Glass, 8/10mm on Order
  • Materal: Brass
  • Finish: Chrome, Nickel Plated
  • With reversible door stapper insert for single action to make the door swing outisde or inside
  • Removing the reversible door stapper insert we can have a double action door
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