Molecular Sieves

Dessicants of Molecular Sieve for Insulated Glass Units


IG, the new generation of insulated glass grade molecular sieve, has been developed and manufactured recently. It is a kindof molecular sieve desiccant that can supply the insulated glass industry with comprehensive functions. It has the functions of high moisture adsorbent ability while provide the extended idle time for the sealing process during the IG unit production. The product can be used in any of insulated glass system that sealed with polysulfide gel.

It can be used in the processing of tightening system of low-level solvent, IG has a very long lifetime due to its low adsorption of air. Because of its low level of air adsorption, it can reduce the bending stress on the IG unit.

 Product Type   312-IG   321-IG   327-IG 
 Bead Size Distribution   Mm   0.5 - 1.0   1.0 - 1.5   1.5 - 2.0 
 Equilibrium H20 Adsorp. 
 Capacity (50% RH) 
 %wt   = 19   = 19   = 19 
 Bulk Density   g/cm3   0.69 - 0.75   0.69 - 0.75   0.69 - 0.75 
 Crush Strength   N       = 14 
 Attrition   %wt   = 0.20   = 0.20   = 0.20 
 Residual Water Content at 575ºC   %wt   = 01.5   = 01.5   = 01.5 
 ^ T   ºC   = 30   = 30   = 30 
 Dust Index   Ppm   = 60   = 60   = 60 

25kg aluminum bag with PE inner bag (preferred)
30kg air-tight steel drums (special order)
140kg air-tight steel drums (preferred)

Avoid damage to the packaging and store in cool dry conditions for long term used (2.5 yrs).
As a kind of special insulated glass absorbents, IG has been activated completely before it is brought to you, and can be used in filling operation directly.

Min. Order

3 tons via LCL Cargo (2.5 CBM per ton)
10 tons in 20Feet container with 25kgs Aluminium Bag Packing
11.2tons in 20Feet container with 140kgs Air Tight Steel Drums Packing


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