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Gulf Star International (FZC) is a company specializing in the following products related to the Glass and Aluminium industry and also trades in Diesel Generators.

DORMATE - Accessories for Tempered Glass Systems which include Patchfittings and Door Rails, Shower Hinges and Headers, PVC Seals, Floor Springs and Overhead Door Closers and Door handles and Door Knobs.

A.S.S. Profil Lastik - EPDM Rubber Gaskets for Aluminium Systems
Besides EPDM Gaskets, we can also produce, as per customized requirements, TPE (Coloured Gaskets), EPDM Sponge and Rigid PVC Thermal Break Sections. We are also specialized in Co-Extrusion Gaskets ie. Dual Hardness Gaskets.

Schiatti Angelo srl - Edging, Polishing, Bevelling, Drilling and Double Edging machines for the Flat Glass industry.

ADI - Diamond and Polishing Wheels and Tools for various edging, polishing, bevelling, drilling and decorative applications in the Glass Industry.

Molecular Sieves (Dessicants) - Molecular Sieves are used for Insulated Glass Units are available in 3 different bead sizes.

Aluminium Spacer Bars and Connectors - This covers a range of 6mm to 24mm Aluminium Spacer Bars for Standard as well as Bendable applications.

Aluminium Composite Panels - Decorative material used in place of glass in the Building and Construction Industry.

Diesel Generators - We supply the Powerica Brand of Diesel Generating Sets incorporating Cummins Engines with Stamford Alternators.